Ward Managers 2022

Yasmin Alkelaby  - Clydach

John Davies - Penclawdd

Brian Edy - Gowerton

Jamie Johnstone - Pontarddulais

Jason Lovell - Llwchwr

Kieran Pritchard - Llwchwr

Adrian Roberts - Llangyfelach

Arthur Rogers - Bishopston

Tricia Sanderson - Mumbles

Matthew Ward - Fairwood


Plaid Gower contact number: 07432 868732


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Arthur Rogers

Ward: Bishopston


Yasmin Alkelaby

Ward: Clydach

Ward Manager - Clydach









Clydach main page

Contact: [email protected]

Yasmin's story

I worked in the charity sector supporting Clydach residents for many years, but I truly became active within the Clydach community in order to protect people I love -Clydach residents who are facing unjust hardships. The more I tried to help them, the more I realised that these hardships were affecting many more community members than just my friends. And with every refusal of help I got from the people with all the power, the more obvious it became that the solutions lie in changing how things work, from the inside. I’m not a politician. I’m just a normal person who’s experienced prejudice and poverty, who survived thanks to the love and kindness of total strangers, and who wants to make life better for the friends I haven’t met yet (that means everyone). I worked in Citizens Advice for years as an adviser and researcher by day and volunteered with the local Plaid Cymru soup run by night. I started my own non-profit business, to break down the barriers people face when they try to access public services. I became a poverty truth commissioner, to challenge people’s perception of poverty and to speak to people with the power to make a difference. It’s 2021. We have so much to be proud of in Wales, and yet we have so much more to achieve -so much we could change for the better. Community wealth and health have been held back in Wales and Clydach, partly by some who felt it was their right to keep us down, and partly by others who have become complacent because they’ve held power for so long. It’s time we took back ownership of our future, so let’s shake things up a bit, together.


Matthew Ward

Ward: Fairwood


Fairwood main page

Contact: [email protected]

About Me

I live in Fairwood with my family. I am proud to live where I do, proud of my community, and my neighbors, but we all deserve so much more. Our community has been ignored for too many years, and it is my intention to make sure that this stops from May 2022 onwards, putting the welfare of the people of Fairwood ward at the front of every decision

Why I want to stand for office

I’m running for office because no one cares for Fairwood, the current city councilor has no real interest in anything outside his own front door, the lack of investment in the whole ward is incomprehensible, and now is the time to change that, I’m not a career politician… I’m a resident who just wants to change the community for the better and give our community a real chance of change.

What makes me different?

I’ve never associated with politics, I’ve always wanted change but I could never do anything about it. My chance to fight for Fairwood is now and with the trust of the community, I will strive to help in any way that I can.

Why does it matter now?

It matters now because Fairwood, Swansea, and Wales need a real change. Not only in the amount of money spent but in the change from Conservative representation which we know doesn’t work for the people here in Fairwood to the need for a real person who’s actually interested in local matters and a person who will fight for real change and investment in our beautiful part of the Gower.



Brian Edy

Ward: Gowerton


Gowerton main page

Contact: [email protected]


I have lived in Gowerton since 1981 with my wife and family. 

I am a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining and a Board member of the Iron and Steel Society.


I have lived in Gowerton for 40 years and became a Community Councillor in October 2021.

I am passionate about the community of Gowerton and hope to serve as one of your county councillors.


I have held Directorships in academia and industry, gaining extensive business and technical management knowledge in the manufacturing sector.

More recently I led a project that resulted in the creation of a research centre within Swansea University that supports the local metals industries.


In my spare time I spend time in the outdoors exploring our local community, enjoying the amazing views over Gowerton and the Loughor estuary.

I am currently studying a master’s degree course in Environmental Dynamics and Climate Change, which has increased my knowledge about humankinds’ impact on our climate and the actions we need to take to reduce that impact.



1. Stand up for the residents of Gowerton to ensure we have a fair share of Swansea council spending.   

2. Stand up for the residents of Gowerton to ensure future housing developments do not overwhelm local services and are in the best interests of Gowerton residents.   

3. Ensure that Active Travel networks are safe for users and residents and fit for their intended purpose of encouraging residents to cycle/walk to school/work

4. Implement Local Action on Climate change.  

5. Encourage support for local businesses

6. Westminster, Welsh Government and Swansea Council policies fail to treat Gowerton fairly. Gowerton deserves better. 


I believe that Plaid Cymru is the only Party that has the vision and commitment to make a positive difference to the Community of Gowerton. 



Adrian Roberts

Ward: Llangyfelach


Llangyfelach main page

Contact: [email protected]

I have lived in Llangyfelach for over 30 years together with my wife, and we have developed a lasting affection for the area which we call home and in which I raised our family, a daughter, and son, now grown into adulthood and pursuing their own careers. I was born in Neath and grew up in the South East of England, before developing a career in Human Resources rising to become a Director of the UK subsidiary of a multi-national high precision German engineering company. I am an alumnus of Lancaster University, completing a master's degree in Project Management, also being qualified in Business Studies. During my career in Human Resources, I gained experience and knowledge through working at the National Coal Board, M/A Com Ltd. (a U.S. Fortune 500 company) Hitachi, Schaeffler (INA Bearing Company Limited), and Tata Steel. A large part of my career has focussed on developing and improving organizations and their cultures and change management, which is making things happen! I am now semi-retired and undertake a part-time role at the University of Wales Trinity St David. I also perform voluntary work with the NHS Swansea Bay Trust, Oxfam, and a local charity, and indeed worked throughout the pandemic for these organisations and continue to do so. Leaving full-time employment has presented me with the time and opportunity to focus and develop an interest in local issues and challenges, and the political agenda of Plaid Cymru. During my career, I have been fortunate to travel throughout the UK and abroad and it has led me to the conclusion that as a community and city we can do so much better. My skills and experience developed through my career in the industry have equipped me with the skills to I believe perform an effective role as Councillor and represent the community of Llangyfelach and Felindre. If elected I will utilize my experience in change and project management to improve the local community, improve our local services across all sectors of the community, and promote local investment in our people and businesses to support this. Over many years we have seen the village grow with new houses being built but with no improvement to local services and infrastructure. We have put up with the current levels of underperformance and tolerance of low standards for too long. Let us do so no longer, we deserve better. We now have an opportunity for change and improving living standards and services. Let us seize it.


Jason Lovell

Ward: Llwchwr


Llwchwr ward managers page

Contact: [email protected]

A STRONG PERSONAL CONNECTION TO THE AREA:  I have lived for the past 9 years in Borough Road Loughor with my wife Catherine and children having previously lived and spent my childhood in Llanelli.

I am passionate about the communities of Loughor, Kingsbridge, and Garden Village in which I am hoping to serve as your councilor. My father was born and raised in Loughor and Gorsenion and my great grandfather was born in Loughor in 1875.

PASSIONATE ABOUT EDUCATION:  I have worked as a Lecturer at a local Further Education college teaching Computer Science for 9 years, I love teaching and find it very rewarding. I consider education can transform lives and can be a vehicle for social mobility to lift communities and individuals out of poverty and to enable anyone to achieve whatever they desire in life.

PREVIOUSLY EMPLOYED IN INDUSTRY:  Prior to working within the education sector, I graduated in 1995 from De Montfort University in Leicester. I worked for 12 years in a number of exciting and highly pressurised I.T Technical support environments in the telecommunications and Aerospace sectors.

HAVE RAN MY OWN BUSINESS:  After working in Industry I ran my own IT Consultancy and Website design business for 5 years which was hard work but also rewarding and it highlighted the challenges and pressures of running your own business. I consider small local and family-run businesses to make a vital contribution to the local area and to the overall Welsh Economy

LOVE THE OUTDOORS & NATURE:  In my spare time, I love being outdoors and in the countryside. I spend a lot of time outdoors and in the past few years I have been walking the stunning Wales Coast Path I have almost completed the 870 miles.  I have found walking the Wales Coast Path an inspiring experience that has also highlighted the passion and potential of Wales as a country.

- Stand up for the residents of Loughor, Kingsbridge, and Garden Village to ensure we have a fair share of Swansea council spending. 
– Improve local services including schools and healthcare provision.
- Make Improvements to the local transport network including improving our congested local roads
- Implement Local Action on Climate change.


Kieran Pritchard

Ward: Llwchwr


Llwchwr ward managers page

Contact: [email protected]

ABOUT ME - My name is Kieran Pritchard and I live in Loughor and I’m hoping to serve as your local councilor. I've spent the vast majority of my life in Loughor, Kingsbridge, and Garden Village, our local community is something I hold close to my heart.

UNIVERSITY GRADUATE – I am a Cardiff University graduate with a first-class degree in Politics and International Relations. Using the knowledge and skills I have gained, I will work tirelessly to improve the lives of all people within the Llwchwr ward.

ACTIVE IN THE COMMUNITY – From working in the community, I've been able to speak to a variety of people to discuss what issues there are in the local area and what improvements can be made. I love engaging with my community and will continue to do so.

LOVE FOR SPORT – My biggest love in the world is sport. During my childhood I played for both Loughor Rovers and Loughor R.F.C. Ever since my dad took me to the Vetch in 2003, I’ve been a diehard Swansea City supporter. Watching Welsh football and rugby teams compete at the highest level always reminds me of how proud I am to be Welsh.

-Improve local health care provision
-Improve our communities’ transport system.
-Make public transport more efficient and address congestion on our roads
-Take immediate action to tackle climate change at the local level


Tricia Sanderson

Ward: Mumbles


Mumbles main page

Contact: [email protected]


Proudly Cornish born and bred, I trained as a teacher in Swansea and taught for 25 years in schools and colleges in Gwent, Cornwall, and the Isles of Scilly. I have also worked as Research Assistant to an MP at Westminster, and more recently, as a Caseworker for Dr. Dai Lloyd when he was an MS. I have two Welsh-born children and two grandchildren and have lived in Wales, off and on, for almost 40 years, including the last 12 in Swansea(again), in Mumbles since June 2019.


Being Cornish British, I feel a huge natural affinity with Wales and the Welsh. I believe Brexit is an absolute disaster, a situation brought about by deliberately misleading the British people, the full consequences of which are yet to be felt. There is no factual reason why Wales should not be an independent nation: indeed, we only have to look to our close neighbor, the Republic of Ireland, to realize that it is possible demographically and economically. It is also desirable culturally and expedient politically in order to escape the UK which clearly does not have the interests of Wales and the Welsh people at heart. Plaid Cymru does, and I am proud to work in that cause.pace


John Davies

Ward: Penclawdd


Penclawdd main page

Contact: [email protected]

About Me - I have lived in Penclawdd for 8 years. I am married with 4 children. I was educated at Swansea University and now run two businesses funding businesses in Wales, creating employment.

My beliefs - I believe in community and people. I want to fight to make where we live an even better place. More jobs, better-paid jobs, and a greater emphasis on creating a greener world for our children to grow up in.

I started the Plaid Cymru Soup run for rough sleepers in Swansea and I have established the AberDewi Festival to celebrate being Welsh in all its modern-day diversity. To celebrate all that is good in our community. You can find out more about Aberdewi here:https://en-gb.facebook.com/aberdewi/

Why run for office?  

Because I strongly believe we are let down so badly by our government. We provide on average over £4500 per household in Penclawdd to the council coffers. Do we really get value for money?

I will fight tooth and nail to ensure that this is rectified.


Am I any different from the others?

- I would hold monthly surgeries in Penclawdd to ensure that your problems become my problem.

- I would gift all payment I receive from this to causes in Penclawdd ward.

- I have a great belief in community. Penclawdd is a special place but has been forgotten by Swansea council.

It is time for a change

Why does it matter so much now?

Swansea council is wasting hundreds of millions of pounds on vanity projects. It does not benefit you, but you will have to pay it all back. We need to act now to stop this wasted investment.

- Ensure 'YOU' have 'YOUR' fair share of Swansea council spending
- Improve local services, schools and healthcare provision
- Make improvements to local transport network




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