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Ward Manager Pontarddulais

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Recent activity

Dear Resident,

Following discussions with many of you I have written to Swansea Council on a number of points that have been made to me. I include the outline of the letter I have sent to Swansea council.



FAO Chief Executive, Swansea Council   

Subject:  Underinvestment in Pontarddulais community 


Dear Chief Executive 

You may be aware that there is a perception in Pontarddulais that the bulk of spending commitment of your Council is in the city centre. 

I would be grateful to receive comments on the following points. 


1. Anti-social behaviour has been problematic. What is missing is a long term plan to invest in youths so they have no need to hang around the streets. 

2. Coed Bach Park playground is in desperate need of updating, and the skateramp I have been told by an expert skateboarder is too dangerous for safe use. Has any of the £200m stimulus announced by the Council, been allocated for play areas in Pontarddulais? 

3. For some children in the ward their meal in school is the only guaranteed hot meal of the day. Will the Council extend its subsidy of school meal prices beyond 2022? 

4. How much of the £300k allocated as part of the stimulus plan has been spent in Pontarddulais (for improved shop fronts, awnings etc)? 

5. May I have a progress report on the £100k to develop a discount card for local shops? 


Yours truly 

Jamie Johnstone   Pontarddulais Ward Campaign Manager