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Dear Neighbour, 

I list below the response to my letter to the Chief Executive of Swansea Council which I distributed to you recently.  Many people complain about the Council being obsessed with big vanity projects in the city to the detriment of our local services. 




Poor pavements in Glanmor Terrace and Cae Folland? Roads need repairing

Additional safety inspections will be arranged, and Glanmor Terrace will be resurfaced next year. 

Blocked drains causing risk to properties? 

Additional resources have been allocated. 

The Labour Council allows its £2·61 billion pension fund to invest in fossil fuel companies? 

Climate Change is a real threat. 

The Council intends to reduce the 42% carbon emission footprint of its pension fund by 50% by 2022. The Pension Fund Committee has set a net-zero target by 2037 – ie 16 years from now!  

Children in Pen-clawdd deserve a better playground on the Pen-clawdd foreshore? 

Council has refurbished the Llan y Newydd playground, but the foreshore playground is maintained by the Community Council. 



Some of these answers are unsatisfactory. 


My mission is to demonstrate that Council taxpayers in Pen-clawdd are being let down by the Council. 

Following further discussions with local residents, I will be writing again to the Council with new questions.  I’ll keep you informed. 


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