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Jason Lovell

Ward Manager - Loughor

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January 2022

Dear Resident,

I have been having some good conversations with many of you right across the Llwchwr ward and have really enjoyed speaking to you all. After learning further of your concerns, I have written a letter to the Chief Executive of Swansea Council (posted below) on the topics of transport, flooding, and the Loughor Town Hall. I will keep you updated with any response I receive.



October 2021

Dear Resident of Loughor, Kingsbridge, and Garden Village,

I have been speaking to residents in the area and it is clear there is a real concern regarding the extent of recent and future housing developments across the ward. I have raised these issues on your behalf with the Chief Executive of Swansea Council via our local Plaid Senedd member Luke Fletcher.

Below is a copy of my letter to Swansea Council and the response received:





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