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Ward Manager - Llangyfelach

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Dear Resident,

Following conversations with many of you in Llangyfelach, I have written to Swansea Council on a number of matters. Below is an outline of the letter sent. Once I receive a reply, I shall upload it here for you to read. Please, get in touch using the e-mail address above if you wish to discuss any ward related matter.


FAO Chief Executive, Swansea Council   

1. Volume and speed of traffic on Swansea Road is of great concern. The road is a major artery into Swansea and we understand that the Llangyfelach Community Council have been in contact with Swansea Council on this matter but the request for a safe crossing have been rejected. If necessary, I am prepared to monitor the speeds of traffic on Swansea Road, if a speed camera were to be made available.

2. The above situation is exacerbated by cars and, on occasions, skips parking on the pavement of Swansea Road. This situation increases the hazard for pedestrians who have to walk into the road to negotiate the cars. Therefore effective traffic management and policing is required for this major route into the city.

3. Local residents were shocked by the report that a Labour Council in Swansea allows its £2·61billion pension fund to invest in fossil fuel companies.  Following Cop26, when are the councillors going to ban completely such investments. 

4. In light of £96m being borrowed for the Bay development in the city, will the Council extend its subsidy of bus fares?



Adrian Roberts Ward Manager Llangyfelach