John Davies Letter to the Press this week

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This is John's letter to the press 30-01-2021:

Dear Editor, 

Unlike half of its members, "Welsh" Labour "is proud" (Western Mail 21/1/21) of being part of the worst performing state in Europe with over 100,00O Covid deaths. 

The performance of Wales mirrors the main failures of the Tory government in England - lack of preparation, high levels of obesity and diabetes, being prepared to allow the Wales - Scotland game to go ahead, care home deaths, lack of PPEs, open borders, delays in testing, school exams fiasco and Xmas social mixing. 

We really are fed up listening to both the Tory Secretary of State and the Labour First minister constantly praising the benefits of the Union, all based on borrowed money. And to cap it all, we have Labour supporting Boris Johnson's trip to Scotland - a country where Labour has effectively disappeared. (Western Mail 29/1/21).

Roll on the election! 



John Davies (Plaid Cymru Senedd candidate for Gower)

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