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Matt Ward

Ward Manager - Fairwood

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Dear Upper Killay resident, 

I summarise below the response to questions raised with the Chief Executive of Swansea Council regarding local issues you have raised:  




Has the Council invested in a playground in Upper Killay? 

Not yet, but intends to spend £57,715 by March 2022. 

Will the Council extend its subsidy of school meal prices beyond this academic year? 

No, the only commitment is to maintain the current prices this school year. 

NOTE: Thanks to pressure from Plaid Cymru, a deal has been forged with  the Labour Government in Wales which will ensure that all primary school pupils will receive free school meals. 

Concerns have been expressed by residents about the increased volume of house building in Upper Killay without more provision of services. 

There are no sites allocated for housing in Upper Killay, but planning applications can be submitted for new housing which would necessitate more facilities. 15,000 new homes are needed within the City Development plan. 

How much of the £50m fund for repairs and improvements to homes has been spent in my ward and on what? 

Of the 124 Council owned properties in Fairwood, the Council has spent £330,000 (mainly on renewing kitchens and bathrooms). 

Note:  Fairwood residents pay approximately £3m each year to the city Council. 


I am determined to demonstrate that the Council taxpayers in Upper Killay  are being let down by Swansea Council.  Following more discussions with local residents, I will be writing again to the Council with further concerns.  I will keep you informed. 




Matthew Ward 

Ward Manager Fairwood.