Environment and Social Justice


Social Justice/Strong Communities

During the covid-19 pandemic, we have seen how important strong communities are capable of getting through such a crisis, but we have also seen the inequalities in our society exposed for all to see. To tackle this, I want to see a fair distribution of wealth, opportunity and social privilege in our society. I want a socially just society that assigns rights and responsibilities to both individuals and institutions, ensuring that individuals both fulfill their societal roles and receive what they are rightfully due from society. 

We’re all focused on keeping a roof over our head, putting food on the table and trying to make sure our kids have it even better than we did.  All people of Gower should have equal access to education, housing, jobs and economic opportunity, healthcare, justice and a clean environment.

Environmental Stewardship

Social Justice also includes responsibility to the environment but currently Swansea is the most polluted city in the UK. Plaid Cymru believes Wales can be the first totally clean and renewable powered country in the world. That’s why I support the establishment of a national energy company, Ynni Cymru, to cut energy costs and accelerate the amount of energy generated from renewable resources, such as a tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay. A lagoon designed and built in Wales to boost local employment and Welsh business with the ability to export this technology and tackle the climate emergency. 

  • I support Plaid’s New nature Act for Wales to reduce pollution to help restore biodiversity and restore habitats on our land, rivers and coastline.
  • Our nature act will also provide greater resources to measure, monitor and act on pollution, but also issue greater penalties as a deterrent to those who pollute.
  • I will also promote green farming practices to rebuild biodiversity.
  • I am also committed to the circular economy through increased recycling rates and to reducing plastic waste and will work with local businesses and individuals to implement a deposit/return scheme in Gower.
  • I will work with local councils and transportation companies to find a workable and green solution to the area’s poor transportation provision.

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