About John Davies


As your local Plaid Cymru candidate for Gower, I am seeking your support as a strong and fair voice for Wales in our Senedd, against the Westminster chaos.  I will put your interests first and will remain at all times, first and foremost, accountable to the voters of Gower constituency.

About me

• Born and raised in central Swansea and lives in Penclawdd, Gower
• Graduated from Swansea University
• Married with four children
• Has operated two businesses for 32 years, creating more than 4500 jobs in Wales
• Founder of the Plaid Soup Run for the homeless
• I would donate a quarter of my annual MS’s salary to Swansea’s homeless

What I will do

Sustainable prosperity

Promote Swansea as the First City of Green Business and Job Creation in Wales

Inclusive Economic Development

Use my business skills to replicate the Irish Celtic Tiger economy as the Welsh Dragon economy

Social Justice and Strong Communities

push for acceptable allocation of funding for the NHS, housing and education in Wales

Environmental Stewardship

Champion a green revolution in Wales including a tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay

Good Governance

Ensure that the UK government restores the of EU funding for Wales

Fight for Wales’ rightful share of funding for infrastructure including electrification of the railway to Swansea and a Mumbles tramway.

This starts with you

We can make Wales a safer, better place to live. Sign up today and show your support.